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County of Butte

Board of Supervisors

The top officials in Butte County are its Supervisors:
• Bill Connelly for District 1
• Larry Wahl for District 2
• Maureen Kirk for District 3
• Steve Lambert for District 4
• Kim Yamaguchi for District 5
See district boundaries 

Butte County, California, is home to over 220,000 citizens and covers a geographical area of 1,677 square miles. The elected and appointed officials and employees of the County are committed to providing quality service with dignity integrity and respect.

Butte County consists of 23 departments, 19 of which provide services to both incorporated and unincorporated areas of the County.

The County’s primary economic development goal is to assist with the coordination of business services, allowing local companies to reach their ultimate potential for growth and success.

Business License

If you are operating a business whose principle offices are located within an unincorporated area, there is no specific requirement for a business license. However, there may be a requirement for other types of permits.

If you are operating under any name other than your own, you must file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the Butte County Recorder’s Office.

For broader information about city, county, and state regulations see Permitting.

Business Mentoring

Through the Butte County Business Incubator Program, Butte County offers eligible businesses expert mentoring, hands-on technical assistance and the appropriate financing tools.

Business Loans

In cooperation with 3CORE, Butte County offers low-interest loans to qualifying businesses. For more information, please contact 3CORE at (530) 893-8732.

Economic and Demographic Data

Please call (530) 538-6182 for economic and demographic information.