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Information Technology

In today's data-driven economy, success rests upon the effective management of information—and a key factor is the ability to attract and retain an affordable, dedicated and qualified labor force. It's true for every sector of the economy, but it's critical for those in the burgeoning information management industry.

As the industry grows, companies often find themselves in tight competition for the types of labor they require. If you're playing employee roulette, it's time to discover the Butte County connection.

From an abundance of young people with good language skills to one of the most highly respected university computer programs in the country, the depth of Butte County's labor market runs deep. Combined with a telecommunications infrastructure capable of supporting the most advanced technology, affordable land costs, and an outstanding quality of life, Butte County is the perfect partner for information processors.

After all, "With communications the way they are today, you can run a business from wherever you are," says Stephen Kay, former CEO of Landacorp, a developer and manufacturer of medical management software. "In Butte County, rent, administrative salaries and salary differentials are lower. People are happier and more settled in their jobs, and therefore more stable."


  • Manufacturer's Investment Credit
  • Research and Development Credit
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Enterprise Zone
  • Financing
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Recruitment/Training Programs and Incentives
  • Recycling Market Development Zone
  • Redevelopment Agency Programs
  • Municipal Incentives

Economic Development Services 

  • Site selection assistance
  • Project facilitation
  • Incentive packages
  • Financial referrals
  • Permit coordination/streamlining
  • Technical assistance
  • Market research
  • Wage and benefit surveys
  • Access to training programs and grants