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Precision. Nowhere is it more important than in high-tech manufacturing. Technological advances have allowed manufacturers to develop and create products with unprecedented exactness, but quality assurance still depends on a skilled work force—traditionally associated with high cost metropolitan areas.

In Butte County, manufacturers have discovered the best of both worlds—the ability to produce high quality, precision products at reasonable cost.

Whether you make an instrument destined for a delicate medical procedure or a component for use in another company's product, Butte County offers a unique opportunity. Lower overhead and labor costs combined with government incentives and a pro-business attitude keep expanding and relocating companies on the productivity path. Employees—from mailroom to management—enjoy the highest quality of life imaginable: affordable housing, short commutes, excellent educational opportunities, quality medical care and abundant outdoor recreation.

"It's a better place to live, but the decision to move a business has to be justified by economics," says CEO Craig Lares, who moved his company, Lares Research, to Butte County from San Carlos, CA. "In Butte County there's room to grow, your costs are lower, turnover goes down, and you can be more competitive." 

Business Incentives

  • Manufacturer's Investment Credit
  • Research and Development Credit
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Enterprise Zone
  • Financing
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Recruitment/Training Programs and Incentives
  • Recycling Market Development Zone
  • Redevelopment Agency Programs
  • Municipal Incentives

Economic Development Services 

  • Site selection assistance
  • Project facilitation
  • Incentive packages
  • Financial referrals
  • Permit coordination/streamlining
  • Technical assistance
  • Market research
  • Wage and benefit surveys
  • Access to training programs and grants