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Why Butte County?

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There was a time not so long ago when corporations were appreciated in their communities, when successful business owners could expect to have a life beyond the office walls.

Such a place still exists. Located just 60 miles north of Sacramento, Butte County, Calif., offers unequaled opportunities for relocating and expanding companies with ­proximity to major markets, lower overhead, pro-business programs and an eager labor force at all educational levels.

"It's a better place to do business, it's a better place to live," says Craig Lares, CEO of Lares Research, who moved his company to Butte County from San Carlos, California.

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Few places can match the quality of life found in Butte County—excellent educational opportunities, quality medical care, short commutes, vibrant downtowns and outdoor activities. 

Where else can you rise at dawn, catch your limit of trout and still make it to work on time? And when was the last time you left the office at 5:00 and made it home by 5:15?

When it comes to a pro-business attitude, Butte County can't be beat. In addition to a long list of incentive programs, Butte County works with businesses to make things happen. For instance, a streamlined permitting process helped Pacific Coast Producers meet its expansion goals while maintaining annual production levels. "We've basically rebuilt this facility and quadrupled its size," says Plant Manager Dan Sroufe. "They've always been prompt and helpful in meeting our time lines for permits."

According to Stephen Kay, former CFO/COO of Landacorp, "The much higher access to government officials in Butte County has definitely helped us with our expansion."