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Local Government

Click on a city or county for an overview of business financing, tax credits, business relocation information, and permit requirements for your location.

City of Biggs


Services: municipal utilities, streamlined permitting, market area data: View City Profile
City of Chico Population: 88,228

Services: vacant land inventory, early project review, façade program, recycling zone, foreign trade zone

View City Profile
City of Gridley Population: 6,454 Services: municipal electricity, industrial park, business loans, business coaching, expansion and relocation assistance View City Profile
City of Oroville Population:  14,687 Services: enterprise zone, recycling zone, technical assistance, business loans View City Profile
Town of Paradise Population:
Services: business loans/grants, business workshops, demographic data View City Profile
Population Source: 2010-2011 Butte County Economic Development Profile.

County Government

County of Butte Total Population: 221,768 Services: business mentoring, business loans, economic and demographic data View County Profile


State Government

Federal Government