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Local Business Services

Learn how to get started and who to contact for a variety of business solutions through the pages below. If you are looking for a specific provider, try Service Providers or Government.

Starting a Business

What do you need to start a business and who can help?

Consultation & Mentoring Get one-on-one advice from experienced business professionals, including marketing, administration, financial management, and personnel.
Hiring and Training Find and train new employees, learn about tax credits.
Entrepreneurs Fast-growth companies require access to world-class management expertise and professional services, as well as early-stage financing.
Expansion Assistance with finding or building larger facilities, purchasing new equipment, hiring and training new employees.
International Trade Find resources to export your products or import raw materials.
Financing How to find and qualify for small business loans, including angel and venture capital for fast-growth entrepreneurs.
Marketing Find local resources for market research and marketing advice.
Permits and Licenses What permits are required and where do you get them?