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Business Expansion

Your success has a positive impact on the local economy, and for this reason, many business development resources in Butte County are directed to helping local businesses grow their market, employment base, and/or production capacity.

One-Stop Assistance

>> Government (see profile for your city)
Local economic development professionals are the best place to start for comprehensive assistance, access to financing options, tax credits, and infrastructure improvements.

Site Location Assistance

>> Government (see profile for your city)
The economic development professionals in your community are the place to start for help finding a suitable site or building.

>> Butte County Economic Development Corporation
Butte County Economic Development Corporation is the countywide agency for business expansion.

Financing Your Expansion

Local financing experts can help you structure financing for infrastructure or other improvements by showing how your expansion will impact the local economy. Public funds can provide “gap financing” for business expansions, making up the difference between your bank loan and private investment. See Financing for a complete list of options.

>> 3CORE
Financing for business expansion including property, equipment, and working capital

>> Government (see profile for your city)
Infrastructure improvements or other incentives for projects that create many jobs or improve the tax base (contact economic development representative)

Staffing Your Expanded Operations

You can significantly reduce the cost of recruiting and training new employees by using these local providers. See Hiring and Training for a complete list of options.

>> Butte County One-Stop
The place to start if your expansion requires finding, hiring, and training new employees.

>> The Training Place
Access a variety of training programs including general topics/skills, specialized skills, and customize designed training for your organization.